What else will we look for?

Where can we find those silver linings?

With whom I can dance without balancing

and singing without paying attention to the melody?

When did it end?

How can we solve it?

You never say we can’t do it

We always start

Looking for a thing

Finding many pink layers of our story

Dancing and singing under the moonlight

And falling in love

But, we are now over

God has made a decision

Maybe, a really bad decision

But, you and i know it’s for the best

At the same time we know too that we’re only pretending

I’m here staring at the mirror

At my own reflection

And you’re standing outside my door

Stop by after thingking about knocking the door

You think you can hear my voice afterward

You think you gonna have a hug you’ve been missing

But, it’s impossible now

Cause you waste your time for just thinking

Knock it or not

Call me or not

Text me or not

I’m already flying in the sky,

meeting people’s boss,

and saying sorry for ending my life just like that

And you left

You didn’t knock it

You left while you’re figuring out what best action you can do to me

or at least to my door

My body drops

My head hits the table

I cannot feel the breath anymore

And you went away

Leaving me with puddle of blood

all over the floor

drowning me

So, now. How can we find the way?

The way to make this thing never be over

As you want


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